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FAQ for Used Cars Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada

Where is Used Cars Winnipeg, the home of super affordable Used Vehicles, located?
Unit B – 160 Transport Road, located inside the perimeter highway in Transcona. There is a map located at the bottom of our web page.


Does UsedCarsWinnipeg provide vehicle history reports?
Yes, on every vehicle sold or Easy-leased


Are your vehicles write-offs?


Does UsedCarsWinnipeg take trade ins?
Yes. The vehicle needs to be seen to give an accurate appraisal.


Used Cars Winnipeg offers an easy lease option – What is Easy-Lease?
A customer-friendly way to get into a vehicle without ‘breaking the bank’


Do you need to have money down when utilizing the Used Cars Winnipeg Easy Lease program?
Yes. The amount will be dependent on the vehicle that is to be EasyLeased.

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