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5 Steps to Selling Your Used Car

Used Cars Winnipeg Transfer of Ownership Document

Being in the used cars business for many years, I frequently receive phone calls from people wanting to purchase something in stock, but are waiting until they sell their own vehicle first.

Some people have the understanding of their options and process for disposing of their vehicle, others do not.

5 Steps to Selling Your Used Car

Some people have a good handle on the process of selling a car, truck, or van, many people struggle with it.

In most instances, these struggles can lead to less of a financial reward at sale’s end.

It is a fact that some people do not have the personality or characteristics to deal with sales, while others find the legalities of Manitoba safety laws and transfer of ownership paperwork confusing. In some cases it  is a combination of both.

Like anything, it becomes easier when their is a base of knowledge to stand upon. A rock of information to base your sale or trade-in interaction that will lead to some strength in your position.

In any case, there are still some basics for just about anyone to follow.

I have whittled down the list to 5 basic steps and added a sweet easy-to-follow quick step infographic.

1 – Where to sell your used car?

Unlike several years back when all you could do was run a print ad that costs money, Used Cars Winnipeg Infographic - 5 steps to sell your carthere are now several ways (most free)  to sell or dispose of your vehicle.

To know which method is best, it is important to understand & take advantage of what exactly is available to you –

  • Private ads (online and offline) – There are 100’s of online classified sites for advertising, reaching a huge online market of buyers. While some sites are more popular than others, it is always a good idea to use multiple sites to increase your coverage. Also, don’t be afraid to go old-school and make a flyer. A great place to post a flyer is on bulletin boards in stores and universities.It only takes one person to buy your car, and that one person may come from a less travelled method or classified site.
  • Auctions – Each city usually has a number of auctions available to public sellers. Call around to find out the process and sellers fees. Some seller fees may increase as your sale price reaches higher levels.
  • Sell to a recycling company – Your vehicle may be on it’s last legs in terms of life cycle, making it an unworthy candidate for sale. If it is time to send it to the recycling yard, then you have a lot of choices. Every city has a large choice of yards that recycle used vehicle parts. Call several yards and get pricing. Prices are mostly tied to gross weight of your vehicle as well as world scrap metal prices.
  • Trade in to a dealer – A dealer will take your vehicle, regardless of condition as a partial payment on the purchase of a vehicle from their stock.

The first two require more time and effort, but are the most financially rewarding. The second two are less work but yield less money.

2 – How much do you sell it for?

It is difficult for the average person not to over/under value your car. The guides designed to assist in doing so are usually more confusing and inaccurate. There are red book, blue books, and black books…I am in the business and don’t know what the difference is, nor have I ever needed to!

I have found that the most accurate way to valuate your vehicle is to research it online and see for yourself what the market price is.

Be sure to compare “apples to apples”, meaning if your vehicle is safetied, be sure to compare it to other safetied vehicles. Other key comparison points are as follows:

  • Overall Vehicle Condition – Make sure to compare the overall condition with similar conditioned vehicles – one cannot compare a beat up version to a pristine version of any product; cars are no different.
  • Vehicle Mileage – Kilometers impact worth. The lower kms, the higher the price.
  • Vehicle History Reports – previous accidents and write off history can also affect vehicle worth. If you were to write off a vehicle that was already written off, your payout from your insurance would be much lower than a non-written off vehicle.
  • Trade-in Value – Call a few car dealers and ask them to “ball park” a trade in value. Most should have no problem helping you out. If it turns out your used car is close to being ready for the scrap pile, call the various recycling yards to get a price. You may even wish to donate it to a deserving charity for a tax receipt?

3 – Preparing the vehicle for sale?

Clean your vehicle – There is a reason car dealers spend so much time and money on detailing vehicles. A clean vehicle sells easier and for more money than a dirty one.

A dirty vehicle is just another obstacle for a potential buyer to overcome. In most cases, it will be used as a weapon to reduce your price. If clean, it is one more positive in your sell.

When cleaning your vehicle, view it as a buyer would. Cleaning your own car is sometimes done with a complacent view. Ask yourself what you notice if you were out purchasing a new-used vehicle?

Buyers react to clean, not to complacency. Clean, clear, and uncluttered!

Time for photos – Do not use stock photos found on the internet. Make sure pictures are of the actual vehicle and are as clear as you can make them. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy by doing so. You can waste a lot of time showing your vehicle to people who didn’t see that one flaw or upholstery tear. Believe it or not, people appreciate the honesty associated with showing the negatives. In fact many hunt for the negatives knowing they will be priced accordingly. There is nothing worse than going to see a vehicle that looks nothing like the advertised photos. A waste of time for all involved. Photos should be clear – not too close and not too far.

Transfer of Ownership Document - T.O.D.

Transfer of Ownership Document

Have all documentation ready for any potential buyers at all times. T.O.D. (transfer of ownership), safety papers, history reports, and repair invoices (if you have them).

4 – Everyone wants to negotiate!

You are going to get calls and emails asking how low you will go in price? These are generally a waste of time.

Many emails that don’t include phone numbers are usually scam related, so be careful.

I don’t recommend negotiating on the phone as these are “lazy buyers” and/or maybe people looking to “flip” your vehicle for the price you should/could have sold it for in the first place.

Serious buyers always come to see the vehicle.

The price you set for your vehicle is based on the research you have done. This research has shown you the market value of your vehicle.

People will come and point out every imperfection hoping it will lead to you lowering your price. If you did your research properly, your price has already been adjusted.

I always find it a good practice to point out the flaws/negatives yourself – it shows honesty and integrity, and really let’s the customer know what they are buying – no surprises.

Some people will still try and use the flaws to reduce your price. The best way to handle this is to let them know you have already accounted for the flaw in the price you have listed. You might also say, “well the tires are only 60%, but if I were to put new ones on I would have to charge more money”.

Unless you really need the money, don’t be afraid to walk away.

5 – Complete the sale!

A buyer and yourself have agreed on terms of a sale of your used car, now what?

For starters, never hand over keys or paperwork until you are paid in full. If the person truly wants to deal for the vehicle they will have no problem doing it by a few clear cut rules that avoids anyone being hurt or scammed.

Never take a check – checks can bounce or have stop-payments placed on them, creating a huge headache for you to recover your monies or vehicle. What if you pointed out that tear in the upholstery before the sale, and the person accepts this tear and agrees to terms. What if they pay by check and then stop payment after driving away with your car using the tear as an excuse to demand a lower price? Leave nothing to chance – Cash is king, but a bank draft, or a certified check is acceptable

Always be clear about what you know! Do not try and hide anything!

A payment method is agreed to, so on to the Bill of Sale – A bill of sale must include several pieces of information in order for it to be legal. While you can find generic bills of sale by searching Google/Bing/Yahoo, I do suggest that you put any announcements about the terms of the sale right on the bill. For example, if the air conditioning doesn’t work and you have announced it to the buyer, put it in writing. If there is a tear in the upholstery, put it in writing. This leaves nothing to chance and keeps you honest. It would be a good practice to have a bill of sale already ready prior to selling that lists the key announcements. this can be used as a checklist when showing the vehicle.

In Manitoba, private sales don’t need to have safety papers included with the sale papers. If a vehicle is currently safetied, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) will have a date stamped on the transfer of ownership document letting you know when the current safety expires. However, If you have a seller’s copy of the safety, you should provide the buyer with it.

The Transfer of ownership document (T.O.D.) needs to be signed on the back beside “seller”, and include the sell mileage and date and provided to the buyer. You can separate the part that includes your address and personal information.

Remember to keep copies of paperwork for your records.

opt03 (2) smaller

Used Vehicles in Winnipeg

Used Vehicles – A Used Vehicle Dealership Is Born

Jim lay in his bed after a long day; his mind began to fill up with worries and concerns. Five kids, a wife, a busy household, and trying to manage it all living paycheck to paycheck. His responsibilities weighed heavy on him; his oldest son was now at driving age and would be needing a car on top of everything else. How was he going to afford this? What kind of car should he get? Obviously it would have to be a used vehicle he concluded, but what about getting a used vehicle that would last and not turn out to be a lemon? Tomorrow he would start to look for used vehicles, and as he slipped into sleep, he hoped it would be an easy and positive experience.

The next morning Jim sat at the kitchen table and began looking over used vehicles ads. He had collected several auto-trader type publications and was trying not to to feel too overwhelmed.

Shopping for used vehicles can be overwhelming

“Hey Dad!” His oldest son said as he came into the room, “Oh cool! Are you going to buy me a car today?”

“I’m going to try.” Jim replied, smiling and hoping for the best, “I’ve got a lot to take in so let’s be patient OK?”

“Sure, Dad – how about a Lamborghini?” His son laughed as he grabbed a piece of toast and headed out the door for school, “Bye Dad!”

Oh to be young again with not a care in the world, Jim mused, and got back to browsing the traders of used vehicles. His head started to spin, the make, model, years, and prices of the used vehicles came at him in a barrage of confusion. He and his wife had had the same car for several years, and it was a good car, gave them no problems, and was paid off – he was feeling apprehensive about the possible Pandora’s box he might be opening. Who would have thought shopping for used vehicles would bring so much stress?

Time was also of the essence here. He was a very busy man working over-time each week and as he checked out all the used vehicles for sale by owner ads, he realized it would be very impractical to check out each used vehicle one at a time. He opted then that he would visit a few car dealers and see all the used vehicles at one location.

Later that day, after work, Jim set out to shop for used vehicles. He was going to pay in cash and so was hoping he could use that as a bargaining chip. With high hopes he drove to the first used vehicles dealership.

Used vehicles are the financially smarter choice.

“Hello there!” The salesman greeted Jim has he walked the lot, “So how can I help you?”

Jim sized the man up, he was in his forties, clean shaven, casually dressed – he seemed like a good guy, and he sold used vehicles.

“Hi there, yes I need a good used car for my Son. He just got his license and on my case for a car.”

“Any particular make or model?” The salesman inquired.

“Just something good and reliable; I want my son to be safe.”

“Of course – I totally understand; I’ve got kids myself.”

Feeling a bit more relieved about the whole process, Jim felt that this man, being a father himself, would guide him in the right direction. Things were looking positive.

“How about this car?” The salesman said pointing to a nice looking compact used vehicle, “It’s been lady driven, great condition, air, nice stereo, tires are in good condition, and reliable. Like I said, I understand what you mean about it being safe for your son.”

“Yes, it’s a nice looking car.” Jim agreed, feeling he could trust this fellow father, “Do you mind if we walk around a bit?”

“Of course not, but I am fond of this one, and it’s a great price – I think you should give it a test drive.”

It seemed reasonable enough to Jim and so the two of them went for a spin around the block. The used vehicle seemed to drive well. It was 5 years old and the kilometers were not too high.

“How long would you say this car could last?”

used Vehicles in WinnipegA used vehicles salesperson should never guess at the lifespan of vehicle!

“I’d say another 4 to 5 years easily.” The sales man said with confidence.

Jim was not sure; how could he tell one used vehicle from another anyways? He had never really paid much attention to used vehicles in his life, he was a busy working man providing for his family, and so he concluded he needed to trust someone when it came to things he had no idea; and besides, this man was a father like him – how could he sell bad used vehicles to another father knowing that his son would be driving it.

“Ok,” Jim said, “Lets make a deal.” as they drove back to the car lot.

Sitting in the office Jim surveyed the surroundings. The office was clean, pictures of family on the salesman’s desk; on the walls with plaques of recognition from various sponsored sports teams. It seemed like a business he could trust.

“So lets get down to the details.” The salesman said looking at a stack of paper, “I’m asking $5000 for this car.”

Jim sat there for a moment, the time had come to make the decision, how would Jim know if that was a good deal or not? Should he continue to shop for used vehicles? He surmised that the body was in good shape and had been driven by a lady – not to mention this salesman did seem like a good guy. He had $4200 to spend so he made his offer.

“How about $4000?”

“You drive a hard bargain; but I can see you are a dedicated family man like myself, and I want to see you be able to drive this home for your son; so yes, I’ll agree to that price.”

Jim felt the rush of victory.

“Ok then,” Jim said, “Let me drive home and have a friend drop me back off, and I’ll take the car. What time are you open tll?”

“Sounds good – I’m open for another 3 hours so I’ll get the paperwork together and will see you later and we can sign off on the deal.”

Driving home Jim felt great. He had experienced many joys in his life, but nothing seemed to compare as when you provide something for your family that you can feel proud of. While Jim wasn’t knowledgeable in used vehicles, this car was a nice used vehicle he thought to himself, not a fancy Lamborghini, but fine enough! At home Jim called one of his buddies and got a ride back to the dealership; he found the salesman in his office finishing up the paperwork.

“You just need to sign here.” The salesman said, “And here, and here…”

Signing the documents Jim was still on a high from the experience, he could not wait to get the used vehicle home to his son.  For several minutes they went over the paperwork, and in conclusion the salesman handed Jim a set of keys.

“Congratulations! I hope your son enjoys it.” The salesman said smiling from ear to ear.

In Manitoba, used vehicles need to be safetied to be insured.

Jim was ecstatic; that was easier then he thought it would be! And how great that he met this salesman who was a father himself – there are still some good people in this world he thought with renewed faith.

Jim could hardly wait to get the used vehicle home. It was 7pm and his son would just be getting home from baseball practice. He had not promised his son a car that day; in fact, he really thought it would take much longer than it did, so he knew his son would be very surprised.

He parked the used vehicle in the driveway and walked into his home finding his son doing homework at the kitchen table.

“Hey Dad!” he greeted, “How’s it going?”

“Really good.” Jim said, “Come on out to the driveway, I’ve got something to show you.”

100% full disclosure when shopping for used vehicles!

His son looked at him in disbelief, and hesitated for a moment.

“Really?” He asked as he got up, and then picked up his pace rushing through the door.

Standing at the door his son could see the car.

“Dad!” he exclaimed, “Is that mine?”

“It sure is.”

As they both walked closer to the car they noticed something on the driveway coming out from under the car, a pool of some kind of greenish liquid.  Jim got down on his knees and looked under the car.

“What the….” he said, his excitement turning to dread, and then to anger, “I don’t believe it!”

“What Dad?” His son asked, “Is everything OK?”

Turning to his son, he was filled with mixed emotions of anger, disappointment, and even shame for being so naive.

“I don’t think so.” Jim began feeling his heart sink as he saw the obvious disappointment in his son’s face, “I think the car is a lemon.”

His son dropped his hands to his side and his shoulders sagged.

“I’m sorry.” Jim said, “Let me take care of this – I don’t know what the problem is, but I assure you I’ll take care of it and you will have your car as fast as I can get this resolved.”

Knowing his words did not make his son feel any better, he put his arm around the boy, and the two walked back into the house.

The next day, Jim had the car towed to a mechanics shop that his buddy recommended. The mechanic greeted him as he walked into the garage.

“Hi there.” The mechanic said, “What can I do for you?”

“Well…” Jim began, “I just bought this car yesterday, drove it home when it dumped out a bunch of green liquid; obviously it won’t run and I don’t know what is going on. I purchased it for my son and so this is such a disappointment.”

“I’d say it is.” The mechanic said with some empathy, “Let me take a look.”

The mechanic walked around the car, took a look underneath, and then opened the hood. He pulled on wires, wiggled some parts here and there, and then opened up the radiator.

“You need to replace the radiator all together. I’m betting that whoever sold you this car put radiator stop leak in it to hide the problem, but as you can see it is a temporary fix.”

“How much to fix?” Jim asked.

“$500 will do it, and I’ll have that done by tomorrow.”

The following morning Jim picked up the car, and drove it home.

“OK.” He said to his son, “It’s all fixed now!”

His son was once again happy, and the two of them took the car out for a drive.

“Dad, this is amazing.” His son gushed, “You are such an awesome dad!”

Jim’s chest filled up with pride; yes he was an awesome dad, no amount of money could buy what he was feeling in that moment. The two of them drove around for a bit and then stopped to grab a bite to eat for lunch. After lunch they got back into the car. His son turned the key in the ignition and the car would not start. He tried again and again and looked at his dad with worry on his face.


Jim’s chest that was earlier filled with pride; now became filled with anxiety, but he wanted to stay control of the situation for his son.

“You let me handle this.” Jim said with authority. “I told you I would get you a car and I will.”

Jim called a cab for his son to get home, and then called a tow truck and had the car towed back to where he bought it. He walked with a fast angry stride into the office.

“What the hell did you sell me?” He demanded getting in the salesman’s face.

“What the…. let me see… what happened?”

Trying to maintain his cool, Jim relayed the events of the last two days.

“Gosh, I’m so sorry.” The salesman offered, “I’ll get my mechanic on it.”

Jim waited in the office for forty minutes when the salesman walked back in.

“OK, it’s the fuel pump and I can have it fixed in an hour. It will cost you $400.”

“Fine.” Dave said, “Call me when it is done.” He waited across the street at a coffee shop.

When the car was fixed, Jim got the call, paid the repair bill and began the drive home. At a stop sign, the car stopped running and would not start. Jim felt like his head would explode with high blood pressure. He took a deep breath and called the tow truck again. This time he took it back to the mechanic that fixed the radiator. That man, unlike the salesman, was a good guy Jim deducted.

“Geez.” The mechanic said, “Let me take a look, I’ll have one of my guys here drive you home.”

At home Jim waited for the mechanic to give him a call. He was trying not to have a full on anxiety attack. How many people he thought go through this? The used car salesman was obviously a crook – a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a person with no conscience.  The phone rang; it was the mechanic.

“Looks like it was the fuel pump, I’ve got it fixed so you can pick up your car when you are ready.”

A surge of anger flowed through him! The audacity of the salesman! After picking up the car from the mechanics garage he drove straight to the used car lot.

“I demand my money back for the fuel pump!” Jim growled, and continued to tell the salesman’s the fuel pump chain of events.  The salesman dared not argue given Jim’s state of mind, and handed him the $400.

Shopping for used vehicles doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Sometimes, bad experiences can turn out to be a blessing in disguise; and this was the case for Jim and this car buying experience. Over the next week Jim took his sons car, which was working fine now, to the good mechanic and talked about future possible repairs. From what the mechanic told him he realized he would not be able to afford the future repairs, but being a man of solutions, he decided to make what repairs he could now to meet safety standards and then sell the vehicle, fully disclosing all issues to the next owner. He would then buy another car, letting his kids who were of driving age drive the next readied vehicle and repeat the process.

Used Vehicles for sale!

“Why not sell  used vehicles properly – fix them properly, with full disclosure as to any issues so customers know what they are buying?” Jim thought. It seemed to make perfect sense! His experience with the unscrupulous used car salesman had made a serious impression on him; he imagined how many people must have experienced the same and the thought made him shiver.

“grew to 30 plus used vehicles”

It was a solution that worked for Jim and his family.  Within a very short period of time, Jim had erased all his financial troubles buying used vehicles, repairing them and reselling with full disclosure. He built a great reputation as a man one could trust in the used car business, and in time grew to 30 plus used vehicles; a thriving used vehicles business, and a plethora of happy customers; not to mention a very happy family.

2004 Pontiac Grand Am – Safetied

Safetied – Used 2004 Pontiac Grand Am for $2499 for sale at The home of respectable Used Vehicles.

Used Vehicles 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

1997 Pontiac Sunfire – Safetied

Safetied – Used 1997 Pontiac Sunfire for $1850 for sale at The home of respectable Used Vehicles.

used cars winnipeg 1997 Pontiac Sunfire

2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

Safetied – Used 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS for $2999 for sale at

2002 Dodge Dakota Sport

Used cars winnipeg used dodge dakota truck for sale

Safetied – Used 2002 Dodge Dakota Sport in excellent condition available at for $3499

2006 Pontiac Pursuit G5

2006 Pontiac Pursuit G5 4 cylinder for sale in Winnipeg at Used Cars Winnipeg

Safetied – used 2006 Pontiac Pursuit G5 for $3499 – More information is available here

Why buying used cars is a good idea for beginners?

It’s always a good idea to go for used cars if you are a beginner. New cars always tend to loose their value rapidly and if you are a learner chances are you will scratch and dent the car at least once which will further drop the value of the car. However resale value of a used car is comparatively higher.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle means finding the right balance between risk and value. Following are some of the reasons why buying a used vehicle is a good choice.

Reliability – The reliability of used cars is one of the factor which has made used cars more appealing. Through an analysis of a consumer reports’ annual subscriber Used Cars Winnipeg has found that five-year-old vehicles had one-fourth fewer problems than the five-year-old vehicles we looked at in 2002. When properly maintained, today’s vehicles could easily surpass 200,000 miles without a major overhaul, and many could reach 500,000 miles.

Warranties and repairs – Even though used cars are more reliable, maintenance and repair cost is an important factor to keep in mind. Usually older used cars are out of warranty or close to it so you can expect more problems are years go by. Which means owners will have to pay more for wear and tear parts like battery, tires, brakes etc. But even if you replaced all those after a certain period of your purchase, the savings over a brand new car is more than enough to compensate for all that.

There is always a chance that you will end up getting a lemon which is why its very important to choose a good used cars dealer who has a good used cars inventory collection.

Depreciation – A major disadvantage of purchasing a brand new car is it’s fast depreciation. At Used Cars Winnipeg we went through various statistical reports and typically models tend to lose 49% of their value in the first 3 years compared with 25% over the next 3 years. Now this varies greatly among models.

Insurance – You will generally need to pay a bit less to insure an used car than a new version of the same model.

Used Minivan in Winnipeg – 2006 Dodge Caravan

Used minivan in Winnipeg – 2006 Dodge Caravan – should be priced below $2600 – status in process of getting safetied/listed soon

2014 Chevrolet Silverado Review


This is the 2014 North American Truck of The Year. – The Chevrolet Silverado.
Before I go into my review, here are some important numbers.

Engines – 4.3L V6, 5.3L V8, or 6.2L V8
13 km per litre city and 8.7 km per litre highway. (V8)
Comes in single, double, and crew cab
Boasts a brand new design.
Starting $28,040

Now, let’s start with the positives.

That front end! Many truck lovers know, but won’t admit, that The Silverado looks best from the front while The F150 looks better from the side. Just look at it though! It’s enough to make me dance around the room; it’s so sexy!

The V8, I imagine, will make a delicious racket as you hit the throttle.

And while Ford has depended on their jagged windows to sell their new design; Chevy has given their new truck a brand new body style.

The interior seems to be just what the doctor ordered, simple. This in a time when companies seem to add a plethora of new buttons. Just to distract from how dull and unimaginative their new cars are. (Ford Focus. Cough cough.)


Look at that! I can tell what most of those buttons do! (Even if I can’t enlarge the image.) Which leads to another compliment for Chevy; The gear shift is on the steering wheel. – Exactly where it should be. It’s either on the floor manual or on the wheel. If I wanted a gear shift that was attached to the dash or centre console, I’d buy a van.

Now for some negatives. First, the front end and new design. Which, yes as both negative and positive. While the front end is beautiful and mean, it’s the reason you get such terrible mileage. Especially the dismal 8.7 km per gallon highway. And let’s face it, who doesn’t drive their truck on the highway? Their is nothing as special as climbing up into your truck, shut up I’m small, and going for a nice scenic highway drive. But, but, but- that front end is not aerodynamic. That brick wall of a front end hitting the wind, at speed, and your engine is working extra hard just to keep going. (i.e burning fuel)

Then you add the unnecessarily large wheel arches. Which I imagine suck in massive amounts of air; that’s two points where it hurts your drive. You add in an uncovered box sucking in air as it comes off the roof. This truck seems to be designed to use as much gas as possible.

Speaking of the box, why do Chevy insist on selling it without a lining? They advertise that it is strong enough that you don’t need one; but who wants to be cringing, and worrying that they will scratch the paint every time they drop something into the bed?

So, while The Silverado is a beautiful truck, it is atrocious on fuel; and seems to have been designed by an Etch-a-sketch.

I suggest taking this one for a good, solid test drive. Make sure you put it through it’s paces before you lay down your money. Don’t get sucked in and just buy it because it’s pretty. Because pretty usually means the personality is slightly, well, dull.

Awesome Review provided by

2014 Ford Focus Hatchback Design Review


This is the new Ford Focus hatchback.
It has a 2.0L Inline 4-Cylinder Engine.
Base Price – $19,115.00

And it’s hideous.
At least at that price point. For twenty-grand you could get yourself a nice sized sedan. Which would have more trunk space and more space in the back seat. (Looking at the official photos it looks like there is plenty of space- but remember the front seats are pushed up so far only a child could fit behind the wheel.) A hatchback is supposed to be fun AND practical. Not stressful and self-indulgent.

Speaking of stress; look at the dashboard.


What is with all of the buttons? It’s a car! It’s not a space shuttle! I shouldn’t need to kidnap a twelve year old to program the god damn radio.

I swear car makers nowadays spend more time adding new buttons than they do actually making their cars better. All in a hope that you won’t notice that the car is the same as the previous years.

And how could you? You’d be too busy trying to figure out how to turn off the Bluetooth.

Let’s get back to this car being $20,000 base. Look at it! How can you look at the lame shape of this vehicle and think- No, I won’t buy a house.

So here is my tip. Instead of buying this new Focus, put a down payment on a house and move out of your parents basement.

If you’re looking for a vehicle at this price point that is good for running out, getting your shopping done; that can also work to get your little monsters to school- skip this dud.

 Awesome Review provided by

2014 Chevrolet Impala Review


Say hello to the new Chevrolet Impala.

As usual let’s get the stats over-with first.

305 Horsepower V6 engine.
6.3 L per 100 km (44 mpg) highway
Starting at $28,445

Now let’s talk about the positives. It’s very nice looking and it has a great amount of power.

That’s about all I can say in the positive.

The interior of the Impala is atrocious. They focus on odd angles and circles in an attempt to look fancier than it really is. I assume in an attempt to distract you from the almost thirty-thousand dollar starting price. The interior is brown, or black with brown trim. So basically this is a  pretty looking car for boring people.

While the V6 is powerful, they don’t even mention the suspension. Just a “stiffer body structure.” – This worries me. It isn’t a Lamborghini able to corner at high speeds, so a stiffer body structure seems like a nice way of saying that this will corner like a brick house. (If Chevy would like to lend me one in order to do a video review, I would gladly test this theory out.) With a V6 hiding under the hood of a sedan like this, you get a lot more power than many would expect.

Which is why, I believe, they don’t mention it’s fuel consumption in the city. Because it most likely won’t be great. I state that knowing that I have a V6 sedan and while it is great on the highway, the city mpg isn’t all that great and it’s for a simple reason. The way you drive a V6.

One doesn’t simply drive nicely with a V6, if you do; you should have bought a 4-cyclinder. You touch the throttle and the car makes a noise that you just can’t quit.

And while the 44 mpg (6.3L per 100 km) seems amazing; I doubt we could achieve that here in Winnipeg, or the surrounding areas. Simply because our highways have lights and stop signs all over the place. Any gearhead will inform you that braking wastes gas.

So what is my verdict? this car is not worth it. You could get a used sedan for your golf clubs at a much better price. If you’re insistent on buying a brand new car, well I’d suggest staying away from this one. Unless you enjoy a good vomit every time you get inside your car.

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2014 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Review


This adorable little fellow is the 2014 Toyota Yaris hatchback. Before the review, here are the important numbers.

Ranges; (All should get you around the same MPG’s – 30 City and 36 Highway)

3-Door CE Hatchback 1.5L 4-Cylinder Engine With 106 Horse Power
– Important Notes: No A/C available in the CE.
Standard Package Starts at – $14,255 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.)
5-Door LE Hatchback 1.5L 4-Cylinder Engine With 106 Horse Power
Standard Package Starts at – $14,895 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.) – No A/C in this package.
Convenience Package (Which Adds A/C) – $15,995 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.)
5-Door SE Hatchback 1.5L 4-Cylinder Engine With 106 Horse Power
Standard Package Starts at – $19,255 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.)

Alright, now that the numbers are out of the way, let’s have a chat.

First, the positives. The biggest positive that I can see is the price point. Starting with a base model price of $14,255, Toyota knocks the Ford Focus down a peg. Although, I do not recommend the lowest model, the 3-DR CE; even the top model is cheaper than the Focus’ starting price.

That’s a plus for the Yaris. As is it’s design. Unlike the dull, and dreary Focus- Toyota took, at least, twenty minutes to add a little flare to the body. Those simple lines give it some class. Which, let’s face it; with such a puny engine, it needs a little flare.

But power isn’t the point of a Yaris. This is a car, in my mind, for a student. It is small, yes, but it is a hatchback. Which means plenty of space to keep your junk! It’s fuel efficient, with 30 MPG in the city; it hides an 11 Gallon tank somewhere in that tiny body. Together that is a theoretical range of 531 KM on a single tank. (The Focus has a theoretical range of 518 KM.)

Now, the negatives. I’m not sure why anyone would buy the top LE model. You don’t get any bigger of an engine; yet it’s considered a ‘sporty’ option? You would pay roughly $5,000 more for fancy seats, bigger tires, and a spoiler. It’s still a 1.5L 4-Cylinder engine. You can pop as many spoilers as you would like onto this car, it is not sporty. Anything that would lose a drag race to a cow can’t really be called sporty.

Also, it’s a Toyota. To many of us who have  car loving fathers, that’s a swear word. To them, anything that doesn’t come from the US or Canada is worthless. Even as their Ford is on the side of the road, hemorrhaging steam.

So, while this is difficult, I will recommend this car. Here is the criteria I would suggest before you actually make it rain and buy one.

1st – The only model that is worth it is the 5-DR SE Model, with the Convenience package. I also recommend the manual transmission. Mainly because I assume fuel efficiency is important to you. With a manual you have more control over engine performance. If you don’t know how to drive stick, take a course! I really do suggest it to everyone. Besides, focusing on driving might do more people some good.

2nd – Don’t think your buying something else. This is a small hatchback, a small Toyota hatchback. That has a tiny little engine. If you think you can drive this like you would drive a Mazda, you’re going to be a very sad penguin.

3rd – For the winter, buy a large flag. Anytime you park this car, be sure to stick that flag to the roof. That way, when our Winnipeg weather starts up, you won’t misplace your Yaris.

So that’s it. Don’t buy this if you’re looking for a sporty and exciting hatcher. If you’re just looking for a little car that can fit your junk, and not have to stop for gas every three days- Buy the Yaris.

Happy driving.

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Used Truck in Winnipeg – 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 4×4/4wd

Used truck in Winnipeg – 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 4×4/4wd – status in process of getting safetied/listed soon

Car Depreciation: What is a new car worth in five years?

Car Depreciation: What is a new car worth in five years?

As everyone must know, the second you drive a new car off a dealer’s lot, it loses value. Not all cars depreciate at the same rate. There are a variety of tools to help you compare the depreciation for specific cars you’re thinking about buying.

On average,

a new car loses 11% of it’s value the second you drive off a dealer’s lot.

A new car will depreciate 15%-25% per year during the first 5 years.

After five years the used car, that was once new, is worth 37% of what you paid for it at the dealership – here to help put you into a respectable, affordable used car!

Used Vans in Winnipeg – Dodge Caravans, Chevrolet Ventures and more

Used Vans in Winnipeg – Dodge Caravans, Chevrolet Ventures and more. Used mini-vans are always in stock with more on the way! Come visit at Unit B-160 Transport Road in Winnipeg (inside perimeter Highway).

Used Minivan in Winnipeg – 2006 Dodge Caravan

Used minivan in Winnipeg – 2006 Dodge Caravan – should be priced below $2600 – status in process of getting safetied/listed soon

The selection process for used cars in Winnipeg at

The selection process for used cars in Winnipeg at – Every Thursday morning, dealers from everywhere attend in person, or online, the “dealer” auction searching for quality used vehicles.

We at Used Cars Winnipeg NEVER have our purchased vehicles delivered to us, as we consider this the paramount first step in qualifying a used cars, Van, or truck as a candidate for retail sales item.

After each vehicle is driven and has demonstrated the transmission, Motor, and cooling system are all in good operating order, the used car is then brought to safety inspection.

The safety inspection station then provides a list of repairable safety inspection items.

This safety inspection list is provided to our staff at Used Cars Winnipeg, where 9 times out of ten we will add additional items for repair that have passed safety, but are close to failure, such as brake pads, brake shoes, etc.

The vehicle is repaired and brought back for re-inspection.

What happens to the vehicles that don’t pass step that paramount first step?

They are  filled with old metal parts and taken to the scrap yard.

Auto repair shops in Winnipeg

Auto repair shops – Being in the Used Car Business in Winnipeg, we are often asked if we do repairs.

We find that people are tired of inaccurate, over-priced repairs for their used cars from auto repair shops. Tired of not being able to trust a mechanic for the truth. Not just tired, but literally can no longer afford to make a mistake the size of choosing the wrong auto repair shop.

First off, we feel for all the frustration you feel, but unfortunately, we do not offer outside repairs as a business. As it is, we can barely keep up with our own demand in terms of vehicle mechanical work.

Second, we know that like every other type of business, there are those that are good, and those that are bad. We recommend auto repair shops we believe to be good.

Having said this, there has come to light a third option for people, wanting to find an auto repair shop to go to, avoid, or just share their experience with other users of the site.

The site is new and hopefully will find an audience, so that one day anyone asking the question, “Do you know a good mechanic?”, will find their answer.

How much of a down payment do I require for a used car.

How much money do I need to have for a down payment on a used car? This is the number one question we receive when customers are interested in our Easy-Lease program.

Since most of the stock here at Used Cars Winnipeg is under $3000, (plus taxes), we usually require a minimum down payment of $1000. This down payment is applied to the total cost of the used car selected and is subtracted from the amount leased. So there is no interest charge on this down payment.

The reason we ask for a minimum down payment of $1000 is simple. It helps protect our investment.

Let’s hope it never happens, but should a Easy-Lease customer of get in an accident and write off the used car, then whatever the settlement amount is, will usually cover the costs of the leased used car.

We strive to provide value priced, reliable, respectable used cars to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Society of Automotive Engineers

Society of Automotive Engineers

So apparently our own University of Manitoba has one of the largest Society of Automotive Engineers teams in the world, designing and building automotive vehicles and more, anything from planes to off-road. This particular article focuses on how women’s membership is increasing in this area of study, but it is just generally cool no matter who you are. Designing cars and prepping race vehicles? Where do I sign up?

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