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How much of a down payment do I require for a used car.

How much money do I need to have for a down payment on a used car? This is the number one question we receive when customers are interested in our Easy-Lease program.

Since most of the stock here at Used Cars Winnipeg is under $3000, (plus taxes), we usually require a minimum down payment of $1000. This down payment is applied to the total cost of the used car selected and is subtracted from the amount leased. So there is no interest charge on this down payment.

The reason we ask for a minimum down payment of $1000 is simple. It helps protect our investment.

Let’s hope it never happens, but should a Easy-Lease customer of get in an accident and write off the used car, then whatever the settlement amount is, will usually cover the costs of the leased used car.

We strive to provide value priced, reliable, respectable used cars to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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