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Auto repair shops in Winnipeg

Auto repair shops – Being in the Used Car Business in Winnipeg, we are often asked if we do repairs.

We find that people are tired of inaccurate, over-priced repairs for their used cars from auto repair shops. Tired of not being able to trust a mechanic for the truth. Not just tired, but literally can no longer afford to make a mistake the size of choosing the wrong auto repair shop.

First off, we feel for all the frustration you feel, but unfortunately, we do not offer outside repairs as a business. As it is, we can barely keep up with our own demand in terms of vehicle mechanical work.

Second, we know that like every other type of business, there are those that are good, and those that are bad. We recommend auto repair shops we believe to be good.

Having said this, there has come to light a third option for people, wanting to find an auto repair shop to go to, avoid, or just share their experience with other users of the site.

The site is new and hopefully will find an audience, so that one day anyone asking the question, “Do you know a good mechanic?”, will find their answer.

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