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2014 Ford Focus Hatchback Design Review


This is the new Ford Focus hatchback.
It has a 2.0L Inline 4-Cylinder Engine.
Base Price – $19,115.00

And it’s hideous.
At least at that price point. For twenty-grand you could get yourself a nice sized sedan. Which would have more trunk space and more space in the back seat. (Looking at the official photos it looks like there is plenty of space- but remember the front seats are pushed up so far only a child could fit behind the wheel.) A hatchback is supposed to be fun AND practical. Not stressful and self-indulgent.

Speaking of stress; look at the dashboard.


What is with all of the buttons? It’s a car! It’s not a space shuttle! I shouldn’t need to kidnap a twelve year old to program the god damn radio.

I swear car makers nowadays spend more time adding new buttons than they do actually making their cars better. All in a hope that you won’t notice that the car is the same as the previous years.

And how could you? You’d be too busy trying to figure out how to turn off the Bluetooth.

Let’s get back to this car being $20,000 base. Look at it! How can you look at the lame shape of this vehicle and think- No, I won’t buy a house.

So here is my tip. Instead of buying this new Focus, put a down payment on a house and move out of your parents basement.

If you’re looking for a vehicle at this price point that is good for running out, getting your shopping done; that can also work to get your little monsters to school- skip this dud.

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