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2014 Chevrolet Impala Review


Say hello to the new Chevrolet Impala.

As usual let’s get the stats over-with first.

305 Horsepower V6 engine.
6.3 L per 100 km (44 mpg) highway
Starting at $28,445

Now let’s talk about the positives. It’s very nice looking and it has a great amount of power.

That’s about all I can say in the positive.

The interior of the Impala is atrocious. They focus on odd angles and circles in an attempt to look fancier than it really is. I assume in an attempt to distract you from the almost thirty-thousand dollar starting price. The interior is brown, or black with brown trim. So basically this is a  pretty looking car for boring people.

While the V6 is powerful, they don’t even mention the suspension. Just a “stiffer body structure.” – This worries me. It isn’t a Lamborghini able to corner at high speeds, so a stiffer body structure seems like a nice way of saying that this will corner like a brick house. (If Chevy would like to lend me one in order to do a video review, I would gladly test this theory out.) With a V6 hiding under the hood of a sedan like this, you get a lot more power than many would expect.

Which is why, I believe, they don’t mention it’s fuel consumption in the city. Because it most likely won’t be great. I state that knowing that I have a V6 sedan and while it is great on the highway, the city mpg isn’t all that great and it’s for a simple reason. The way you drive a V6.

One doesn’t simply drive nicely with a V6, if you do; you should have bought a 4-cyclinder. You touch the throttle and the car makes a noise that you just can’t quit.

And while the 44 mpg (6.3L per 100 km) seems amazing; I doubt we could achieve that here in Winnipeg, or the surrounding areas. Simply because our highways have lights and stop signs all over the place. Any gearhead will inform you that braking wastes gas.

So what is my verdict? this car is not worth it. You could get a used sedan for your golf clubs at a much better price. If you’re insistent on buying a brand new car, well I’d suggest staying away from this one. Unless you enjoy a good vomit every time you get inside your car.

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