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The selection process for used cars in Winnipeg at

The selection process for used cars in Winnipeg at – Every Thursday morning, dealers from everywhere attend in person, or online, the “dealer” auction searching for quality used vehicles.

We at Used Cars Winnipeg NEVER have our purchased vehicles delivered to us, as we consider this the paramount first step in qualifying a used cars, Van, or truck as a candidate for retail sales item.

After each vehicle is driven and has demonstrated the transmission, Motor, and cooling system are all in good operating order, the used car is then brought to safety inspection.

The safety inspection station then provides a list of repairable safety inspection items.

This safety inspection list is provided to our staff at Used Cars Winnipeg, where 9 times out of ten we will add additional items for repair that have passed safety, but are close to failure, such as brake pads, brake shoes, etc.

The vehicle is repaired and brought back for re-inspection.

What happens to the vehicles that don’t pass step that paramount first step?

They are  filled with old metal parts and taken to the scrap yard.

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