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2014 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Review


This adorable little fellow is the 2014 Toyota Yaris hatchback. Before the review, here are the important numbers.

Ranges; (All should get you around the same MPG’s – 30 City and 36 Highway)

3-Door CE Hatchback 1.5L 4-Cylinder Engine With 106 Horse Power
– Important Notes: No A/C available in the CE.
Standard Package Starts at – $14,255 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.)
5-Door LE Hatchback 1.5L 4-Cylinder Engine With 106 Horse Power
Standard Package Starts at – $14,895 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.) – No A/C in this package.
Convenience Package (Which Adds A/C) – $15,995 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.)
5-Door SE Hatchback 1.5L 4-Cylinder Engine With 106 Horse Power
Standard Package Starts at – $19,255 (Plus $1,000 For Automatic.)

Alright, now that the numbers are out of the way, let’s have a chat.

First, the positives. The biggest positive that I can see is the price point. Starting with a base model price of $14,255, Toyota knocks the Ford Focus down a peg. Although, I do not recommend the lowest model, the 3-DR CE; even the top model is cheaper than the Focus’ starting price.

That’s a plus for the Yaris. As is it’s design. Unlike the dull, and dreary Focus- Toyota took, at least, twenty minutes to add a little flare to the body. Those simple lines give it some class. Which, let’s face it; with such a puny engine, it needs a little flare.

But power isn’t the point of a Yaris. This is a car, in my mind, for a student. It is small, yes, but it is a hatchback. Which means plenty of space to keep your junk! It’s fuel efficient, with 30 MPG in the city; it hides an 11 Gallon tank somewhere in that tiny body. Together that is a theoretical range of 531 KM on a single tank. (The Focus has a theoretical range of 518 KM.)

Now, the negatives. I’m not sure why anyone would buy the top LE model. You don’t get any bigger of an engine; yet it’s considered a ‘sporty’ option? You would pay roughly $5,000 more for fancy seats, bigger tires, and a spoiler. It’s still a 1.5L 4-Cylinder engine. You can pop as many spoilers as you would like onto this car, it is not sporty. Anything that would lose a drag race to a cow can’t really be called sporty.

Also, it’s a Toyota. To many of us who have  car loving fathers, that’s a swear word. To them, anything that doesn’t come from the US or Canada is worthless. Even as their Ford is on the side of the road, hemorrhaging steam.

So, while this is difficult, I will recommend this car. Here is the criteria I would suggest before you actually make it rain and buy one.

1st – The only model that is worth it is the 5-DR SE Model, with the Convenience package. I also recommend the manual transmission. Mainly because I assume fuel efficiency is important to you. With a manual you have more control over engine performance. If you don’t know how to drive stick, take a course! I really do suggest it to everyone. Besides, focusing on driving might do more people some good.

2nd – Don’t think your buying something else. This is a small hatchback, a small Toyota hatchback. That has a tiny little engine. If you think you can drive this like you would drive a Mazda, you’re going to be a very sad penguin.

3rd – For the winter, buy a large flag. Anytime you park this car, be sure to stick that flag to the roof. That way, when our Winnipeg weather starts up, you won’t misplace your Yaris.

So that’s it. Don’t buy this if you’re looking for a sporty and exciting hatcher. If you’re just looking for a little car that can fit your junk, and not have to stop for gas every three days- Buy the Yaris.

Happy driving.

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