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Why buying used cars is a good idea for beginners?

It’s always a good idea to go for used cars if you are a beginner. New cars always tend to loose their value rapidly and if you are a learner chances are you will scratch and dent the car at least once which will further drop the value of the car. However resale value of a used car is comparatively higher.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle means finding the right balance between risk and value. Following are some of the reasons why buying a used vehicle is a good choice.

Reliability – The reliability of used cars is one of the factor which has made used cars more appealing. Through an analysis of a consumer reports’ annual subscriber Used Cars Winnipeg has found that five-year-old vehicles had one-fourth fewer problems than the five-year-old vehicles we looked at in 2002. When properly maintained, today’s vehicles could easily surpass 200,000 miles without a major overhaul, and many could reach 500,000 miles.

Warranties and repairs – Even though used cars are more reliable, maintenance and repair cost is an important factor to keep in mind. Usually older used cars are out of warranty or close to it so you can expect more problems are years go by. Which means owners will have to pay more for wear and tear parts like battery, tires, brakes etc. But even if you replaced all those after a certain period of your purchase, the savings over a brand new car is more than enough to compensate for all that.

There is always a chance that you will end up getting a lemon which is why its very important to choose a good used cars dealer who has a good used cars inventory collection.

Depreciation – A major disadvantage of purchasing a brand new car is it’s fast depreciation. At Used Cars Winnipeg we went through various statistical reports and typically models tend to lose 49% of their value in the first 3 years compared with 25% over the next 3 years. Now this varies greatly among models.

Insurance – You will generally need to pay a bit less to insure an used car than a new version of the same model.

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